• You can utilize our team of designers / graphic artists to create your very own unique design

  • We can incorporate any ammount of names, favourite colours, ideas and images

  • This is for anyone wanting a 100% original "one of a kind" skateboard deck





This deck below was designed for our Marketing girl, Monica.

You will see it in real life if you happen to catch her skating in the streets of Adelaide.

Send us an image


  • Email us the image you would like on your deck.


  • The higher the resolution, the better.



Pickup & Delivery


  • Pick up your freshly printed wrap from our workshop in Adelaide


  • Or we can post it to you (postage costs added)


  • We post worldwide, just ask for a quote on postage and we will get right back to you.

How Long Does it Take?


  • 2 Days. That's it.